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BIG FOOT  Beyond Cool Look




             -Since 2008


              The happiness while seeing people carrying our creative item was the first decision to design creative design bag.


-Characteristic Brand


              Dinosaur Foot is represent for our logo which come from the legend of Dinosaur even they’re not alive nowadays but its legend was always come to urban man to discover more & more




              The scent of dinosaur which represent for outdoor adventure was brought to our mind    to create outdoor bag for urban people so the” city adventure “ is the concept of our creative bag.


-Product Description


              Big Foot is designed for urban lifestyle ,classic style  with trendy functional design . We create our bag from nature fabric in Thailand and handcraft signature outlook.




              Always come while travelling even by reading and real journey




              Water repellent finishing with old look washed  is an innovative design to  our Thai selective fabric.


-Brand evolution


             To be must have cool look item for innovative design bag with hand-crafted signature outlook.

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